Get an Open Work Permit for Canada

Every foreign citizen needs a work permit to work in any country abroad. There are several types of work permits, but an Open Work Permit is a common one. You can get an open work permit under several different conditions, which may be unrestricted or may have some kind of restrictions as the Canadian consulate’s wish. The leading immigration and visa agents in Bangalore can help you with the process. 


What is a Work Permit?

A work permit is referred to as a legal document that permits a foreign citizen to work while inside of Canada. An open work permit is not specific and binding to an individual employer or location. It means that a foreign citizen who has a valid open work permit may work for several days for different employers in multiple places throughout Canada. Some work permits may have additional restrictions that all foreign nationals need to respect. 

Ways to Get an Open Work Permit

Express Entry is the quickest and easiest way to engage in employment in Canada. Open work permits do not require a Labor Market Impact Assessment, and they can be issued through the given immigration programs-


Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

PGWP is designed for international students who have completed their graduation from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution. Post-graduation Work Permits are open work permits that allow foreign nationals the choice and freedom to work for any employer anywhere in Canada. 

Unlike most Quebec Immigration Programs, the PGWP does not ask for a Labor Market Impact Assessment. After enough work experience in Canada, you may become eligible for Canada’s permanent resident program. PGWPs allow you to gain that work experience easily.


Quebec Immigration Programs

The Quebec is responsible for operating numerous different immigration programs that allow candidates to get Canadian permanent residence. Quebec has more autonomy in immigration policy and process than any other state.

Quebec Immigration Program applications get approval through two different processes: selection and admission. While the admissions process takes place at the federal level, the selection process happens at the provincial level.Some of Quebec’s immigration pathways to permanent residence are 

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Quebec Investor Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program 


Spouse Open Work Permit

With this program, you may be eligible for an open work permit if your spouse is working or studying in Canada at the moment or if you have applied to be sponsored for permanent residence by your significant other in Canada. This permit allows the spouse that meets all the requirements to work anywhere in Canada with fewer restrictions. 

The requirements and eligibility for a spousal open work permit vary depending on the type of status your spouse has in Canada. Individuals can get help with their applications from visa agents in Bangalore at affordable prices.

Bridging Open Work Permits (BOWP)

The BOWP lets foreign citizens who are already working in Canada extend their status while awaiting a decision about their PR application. The Bridging Open Work Permit is available to those individuals who have successfully submitted a permanent residency application. It is also imperative for these people to already own a valid work permit. If your application is free of errors and you meet all the requirements, you may be eligible for an Open Work Permit. It enables you to be able to work for different employers in distinct locations of your own choice. 


Who is Eligible for an Open Work Permit?

People in the following situations are eligible to apply for an Open Work Visa:

  • Spouses of temporary foreign employees
  • Spouses of international students studying in Canada
  • International students who graduated from a designated program of study in Canada. 
  • PR applicants who applied through the spousal sponsorship process
  • Workers who have participated in programs offered through International Experience Canada
  • Refugees and their family members 

Undoubtedly, the exact procedure and eligibility criteria depend on which of the above-said situations a foreign citizen fits. 


Why Should You Go For an Open Work Permit? 

  • The main advantage of an open work visa is that because of the freedom it grants its holders, it is highly sought after.
  • Unlike most work permits are not fixing to a specific employer. An open work permit gives the foreign national an opportunity to serve any employer in Canada.
  • They provide freedom to move from one location to another and work for multiple employers. 

If you want to improve your eligibility for Canadian permanent residency, gaining Canadian work experience is vital.



An open work permit is the best way to go to Canada as it is not job-specific. Therefore, the requirements are less. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria of the program you are applying for, such as the Quebec immigration Canada, as Quebec has its own set of rules for choosing immigrants. Furthermore, your work permit itself might contain some restrictions.


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