Execute a House Shifting on Short Notice

Be it an exciting new job offer or you got a great deal on a marvellous property but it needs you to move urgently; you can have enough reasons to shift under a time constraint. But the challenge remains the same; to move under such limitations of time. Yet, you don’t need to be anxious as I have got you the right solutions. Read the following pointers on the 8 most incredible ideas to help you execute a house shifting on short notice:

1. Make a level-headed plan

When you are planning to shift your house, you need to have a proper plan to execute the entire process in the right way. You need to make a few important choices on which your move will depend. Choose the moving day and then choose your ability to spend on the moving process. Make prompt and right choices. Since you are shifting your house on short notice, you don’t have the choice to fix a date that is a month away. So, plan and prepare within the limited time that you have. Fix your budget making sure that it does not disrupt the necessary expenses.

2. Finalise a Moving Company

When you are executing a house shifting on short notice, you need to make another important choice. You need to choose to move with the professional packers and movers Pune to Gurgaon. You cannot conduct the house shifting by yourself because there is a time limitation. You have to finalise a moving company within a short period. Remember; since you have less time you cannot simply fix the first moving company that you bump into. You have to compare the rates of at least 3 to 4 moving companies and then decide the best-suited packers and movers for you.

Before signing the moving contract, you should make a quick visit to their office and ask the authorities of the moving company to show you their credentials. If you find nothing suspicious, you can go ahead with the moving company.

3. Prioritise your requirements

You don’t have much time to contemplate after your come up with the house shifting plan. Thus, you have to wrap up the preparations as soon as possible. The best way to condense your preparation is by prioritising your requirements. There will be some things that you need to complete before the team of packers and movers arrive at your place on a moving day. Focus on those tasks in order:

·      Notifying the school authority:

If you have school-going kids, you have to go to their school and meet the principal. You need to talk to the principal about the house shifting and that you will need a TC (transfer certificate) to put your ward into a different school in a different city. The school needs some time to process the documents and hence you need to do this task first.

·      Handling the utility services:

When you shift from one house to another, you are in a hurry to complete all the necessary preparations in a flow. But don’t forget to handle the utility services as it is one of the prime tasks that will decide the state of your living in your new house. You need to call the utility providers in your current house and ask them to discontinue the utilities from your moving day. Call the utility service providers of your new house and ask them to connect you to the basic utilities like water, electricity, gas, internet, trash pick-up, and DTH.

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4. Prepare an overnight box

While preparing for your house shifting on short notice, don’t forget to prepare an overnight box. For doing so, you need to keep your dental kit, bedspreads, fresh clothes and undergarments, towels, toiletries, a dusting cloth, disinfectant bottle, wipes, etc. in the overnight box. This box will save you from losing your mind looking for the essentials right after your shift to your new house.

5. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

This is an integral part of the house shifting process so don’t skip this task. You need to get rid of the unnecessary stuff from your household to make your move compact and easy to manage. Furthermore, if you slash down the size of your move, you will be able to reduce the packers and movers cost estimate. You can donate or discard the unnecessary things from your house as you will not have much time to find suitable customers for selling them.

6. Save your assets

Some of the belongings in your house are your assets, as they hold a lot of value to you. You should pack your jewellery, watches, small but expensive electronic gadgets, credentials, and confidential documents in a separate bag or briefcase. Keep it locked inside your wardrobe and don’t let the packers and movers handle it as you wouldn’t want a single item to go missing from the bag.

7. Be prompt as you pack

You cannot pack your belongings in the usual way if you have to execute a house shifting on short notice. You have to change the packing techniques for packing your belongings fast. Don’t fold your clothes separately as it will take more time. Instead, lay them on the bed stacking them one on top of the other, and roll them all together. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

8. Keep your items ready to move

Clean your kitchen appliances and the other appliances at home so that they are ready to move on a moving day. Keep them on one side of the kitchen. Remove the sofa covers, foot-mats, floor rugs, or the dining table runners, and wash and dry them before the moving day. Make sure that the packers and movers don’t have to spend any extra time before packing your belongings in the boxes.

The Final Result

Shifting your house is an elaborate phenomenon, and it needs sufficient time for preparation. But since you have restrained time in this case, you have to change the plan of action to achieve successful results. Follow the aforementioned 8 most incredible ideas to help you execute a house shifting on short notice. I wish you a fast and fantastic move!

Author: Monali Swain

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