Desert Safari Dubai Trip and Things to do

Dubai is not only the center of the world’s trade between Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is also a great place to visit, and all tourists are welcomed with open arms. Statistics from the Government of Dubai show that more than 1 million people visit every month. Even though Dubai is known for its world’s tallest buildings and friendly people, ” Luxury Desert Safari Dubai Trip” is one of the most important trips.

We’ve been running desert safari tours in Dubai for more than 15 years and are the best at what we do. Our safari tour has a lot of extras, like quad biking in the Dubai desert, riding a dune buggy on the red dunes, and riding a horse or a camel. You must go on this tour if you are in Dubai or if you live in the United Arab Emirates. It’s an exciting tour that also gives you peace of mind. We have a variety of safari tours. Some of the most popular tours are desert safaris in the morning, in the evening in Dubai, and overnight in the desert.


Things do on a desert safari tour


1.     Evening Camel Ride

The spirit of Arabian history lives on in Camel Ride. We planned the journey in the Dubai desert to see the vast desert and learn about the local culture. Then, at sunset, he will drop you off at our desert camp, where our friendly staff will be waiting with sweet dates and fragrant Arabic tea. You can try the Arabic specialty, Sheesha, which is flavored and made traditionally At the night’s end, talented Arabian belly dancers and Tanoura dancers put on a show, and a Veg and Non-Veg BBQ dinner is served. At the end of all memorable events, our drivers will drop you off at your door in comfortable cars.


2.     Morning Ride on a Camel

For the morning desert safari, our driver will pick you up from where you are at the time you choose. Once you get to the desert, he will lower the tire pressure, and you can take a break in the meantime. The scary ride is called “dune bashing,” and it’s one of the best parts of a desert safari. After the fantastic trip is over, our safari captain will give you sandboard. Don’t miss it, and do take photos. Ultimately, he will take you to our camel camp, where camels are waiting for you to ride them. The safari captain will then drop you back where you started.


3.     Quad Biking Dubai

If you want to have some fun, go to the Dubai desert. Then you should go on a quad bike tour. Come with us to ride quad bikes during the desert safari in Dubai on Red dunes. This off-road driving tour is once in a lifetime, and we hope you will never forget it. On this tour, you can drive through the desert dunes, which constantly change. Prepare to go on the best ride of your life. A Quad Bike or ATV tour is one of the best outdoor tours in Dubai. After being picked up, you’ll head toward the Red Dunes.

When you get to the desert, our experts will briefly introduce the tour and how to use the Automatic Quad bike. You would finally have the chance to go fast over the red dunes.


4.     Ride a Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy Safari is a fun way to drive yourself through the dunes of the Dubai desert. You can ride a powerful buggy with an engine size between 840cc and 2000cc. The 840cc buggy has one seat, while the 2000cc one has two. All the dune buggies have a roll cage, and we’ll give you all the safety gear you need to go on this exciting ride.

During the morning safari tour, our driver will come to pick you up and take you to the desert for 45 minutes of dune bashing. After the exciting ride, he will stop at any dune so you can rest and take pictures of the beautiful desert. After that, he will take you to the buggy camp, where you can ride it for “1 hour or 30 minutes,” depending on your package. He will stop on any big dune after dune bashing so you can take pictures. After that, he will take you to the dune buggy camp, where you can ride one depending on your package.


5.     Hummer Desert Safari

If you want to go to The Desert Safari, you should do it in style. We have a luxury ride called “Hummer Desert Safari for dune bashing.” It’s like a roller coaster, but it’s on the sand and you’re in a crazy Hummer. The sharp turns that send sand across the car windows are the most exciting part of the ride. The Hummer takes you to the base camp, where you can enjoy the heart of Arab life. Our staff will give you Arabic tea (Gahwa) and dates as a warm welcome. After that, you can smoke a hub lie bubble, get henna tattoos on your hands, pose in Arabian clothes and costumes, or look around the shops at camp and buy gifts.

After an exciting day, the smell of a delicious dinner being made for you fills the camp, making you hungry. The main dish at the buffet dinner is “Arabic BBQ.”  We offer a luxurious Hummer ride for dune bashing. It’s like a roller coaster ride, but it’s on the sand and you’re in a crazy Hummer. The sharp turns that send sand across the car windows are the most exciting part of the ride.

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