Desert Safari Dubai Best Thrilling & Exhilarating Activity

Dubai is lucky enough to have huge, endless deserts with lots of sand dunes that locals and tourists can enjoy. But what we think of as recreation today isn’t just something fun to do; it’s also a tradition that tells us more about how people used to live in the desert. They have all the modern comforts, exciting things to do, dinner, and shows in Desert Safari Dubai.

Luxury Desert safaris are best in the evening when the sun has set and the heat of the desert has died down, making it cooler and more pleasant. Let if you drive to the edge of the city, you will see beautiful red dunes as far as the eye can see. We start our Desert Safari Tour by picking you up from where you are and driving you to the desert in a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. The first part of your adventure in Arabia is dune bashing. When the 4×4 winds its way around the dune, you’ll feel a thrill. That’s when you can enjoy the real adventure of dune bashing safari drive in the desert, and you’ll want to do it again.


Dune bashing

The game is mostly about going up and down sand dunes at different speeds and turning the car to keep it balanced. For this adventure sport, SUVs have safety gear like roll cages and lower tire pressure so that the tires can grip the moving sand as well as possible. What you can expect from dune bashing in Dubai – Unless you’re a professional driver, you’ll probably be sitting in the passenger seats while your driver does all the work. Most of the time, dune bashing is done with a group of vehicles to make sure everyone is safe.


In Dubai, dune-bashing is usually part of a desert safari tour. By signing up for a tour, you can take part in dune-bashing. Dune-bashing is safe because the 4×4 SUV has safety gear to keep you safe, making it a safe activity. you should wear shoes with open toes because sand can quickly get into your shoes and socks. In Dubai, dune-bashing is not allowed for kids younger than four. Since there are a lot of quick moves, bumps, and jerks in this sport, it is best to eat a light, non-oily meal before.


Experience Dune Bashing

The Arabian Desert takes up most of this emirate. Dubai is a great place to go dune bashing because there is so much sand everywhere. What started as a hobby for people in the UAE has grown into a booming business that entertains and amazes millions of people. After taking the air out of the tires and meeting up with the other tour groups, you can start dune bashing. The dune bashing takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your choice and how comfortable you are.

You are welcome to sit on couches or carpets on the floor and try out actual Emirati activities like smoking Sheesha, getting your hands painted with henna, or even riding a camel. During this dinner, not only do you get to eat delicious Middle Eastern food, but you also get to watch live entertainment, like belly dancers and Tanoura dancers, while you eat! After you finish eating, the adventure is finally over, and you go back to your hotel, safe, complete, and sound.


A Guide to Dune Bashing

Here are some suggestions for making the most of your dune-bashing experience in Dubai. However, remember that you will have to walk in and out of the sand on sometimes. As an additional suggestion, you may ditch your shoes in favour of sandals or house slippers. There will be sand in your shoes and socks, which will be very uncomfortable. And if you’re wearing slippers, you can take them off quickly and feel the sand. When you’re in the desert, it can get hot and sunny, so wear sunscreen (unless you want a tan) and bring a pair of sunglasses. When you go dune bashing, it’s like riding a small roller coaster, so don’t eat a big meal before you go. There will be plenty of photo ops, so don’t forget your camera, and bring some extra cash in case you want to pick up some camp swag.

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