YouTube Marketing Guide Tool and Tips in 2022

YouTube Marketing Guide Tool and Tips in 2022

Bonus: Create your channel trailer

Before you start creating content and planning your brand new views on youtube channel (it’s exciting, we know! ), go onto the Layout tab of Channel customization. You can then customize your channel’s design and add an intro trailer. Make your YouTube channel more personal, and then add trailers.

Imagine your channel’s trailer as the film trailer. It offers those who wish to sign up a chance to discover more about your channel and brand. Begin by creating something that entices your viewers and entices them to join your channel. First impressions count, and a thrilling trailer could inspire viewers to act.

Learn more about how to Create Your Own Successful YouTube Channel for Your Business

The most popular types of YouTube videos

Now you’ve got your company established with a YouTube channel YouTube. Let’s look at the different types of videos you can upload to meet your viewers and goals in social media marketing.

This section will provide an overview of the various kinds of videos suitable for small companies and examples.

  • Customer reviews
  • Product demos
  • Tutorials and explanations
  • Case studies and reviews
  • YouTube Live
  • Vlogs
  • Educational
  • Customer reviews

After watching one of the top kinds of videos available in your toolbox, testimonials are opinions expressed by customers who have used the product. Like reviewers read reviews, prospective buyers want to know that they’ve purchased your product and it is worth the money.

79% of the population have seen a testimonial video to learn more about a brand, product, or service. Three out of people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video.

An excellent example of a testimonial on YouTube is Boom! Created by Cindy Joseph and reviewed by the creator Beth Buchanon (2,590 subscribers), that has received more than 220,000 views as of the time of writing.

A sample of a testimonial from a customer on YouTube

Genuine testimonials from actual customers have the most significant impact. However, you’ll ensure they’re comprehensive. They must overcome any objections, emphasize the benefits of your product, and provide a compelling narrative.

Product demos

Another helpful type of video that you could make is a product demonstration. This video format demonstrates one product’s features and usage scenarios. Demos of products help viewers visualize themselves using the product and get similar outcomes.

Based on research conducted by Wyzowl, according to Wyzowl’s study, 69% of buyers believed that demos of their products could most aid them in making the right purchase. What do demonstrations of products appear like?

Here’s an illustration of Long & McQuade musical instruments (21,800 customers) that showcases the BOSS and the JS-10 tool:

YouTube product demo examples from Long and McQuade

As of this posting at the time of writing, the video has more than 118,000 views. Plenty of comments indicate that people are interested in buying something after watching it.

A well-constructed product demo should give a brief overview of each product’s features and show how to use the product according to those features.

Tutorials and explanations

The next category is instructional or tutorial videos. Please don’t confuse them with demonstrations of your product. These videos focus on specific functions or questions about your product rather than an overview.

Explainer videos are an excellent way to highlight your product’s best features and how they will benefit viewers. Tutorials can assist in ensuring that existing and potential customers are using the product correctly for the best outcomes.

To see an example of what a tutorial video for brand products is like, take a look at Snow Peak USA (1,200 subscribers), which demonstrates how to install, operate and clean their range of grills made from charcoal:

views on youtube Channel, Snow Peak USA A good illustration of a product that is branded tutorial video

The video above combines elements of explanation and tutorials in one video. Each grill is highlighted with its’ top features before proceeding to the tutorial section.

Case studies and reviews

Like testimonial videos, there are case studies and reviews. While testimonial videos generally discuss one product, reviews and case studies similarly cover more than one product.

There is a fantastic illustration of how this can be accomplished by looking at Jeremy Fragrance (1.5 million subscribers), who now operates his online store, Fragrance One. For more details click here

views on youtube channel case reviews are examples of how this can be done by studying the work of Jeremy Fragrance.

In the above video, Jeremy is reviewing ten various fragrances in his Top 10 listicle format. The footage so far has received more than 820,000 views.

YouTube Live

Instead of just focusing on the video content you create, you may concentrate on the delivery method. Making your videos live on YouTube is an excellent opportunity to draw attention immediately through push notifications and an exclusive Live tab on YouTube suggestions.

According to Google, specific corporate live streams have made it to the 100 most popular YouTube live streams (ever). Livestreaming on views on youtube can be a great way to showcase all kinds of content, like live demos, behind-the-scenes footage, live Q&As, and more.

One brand that depends primarily on live streaming through YouTube includes Besame Cosmetics, which posts live-streamed interviews and instructional videos:

Live on YouTube, for example, by Besame Cosmetics; post lives videos, tutorials, and how-to videos.

The secret to ensuring an enjoyable streaming experience for live videos is to plan both the video content (and the timing) and consider any issues you might run into.


Perhaps the most well-known kind of video available on views on youtube, The video blog (or vlog), allows your company to present tales in an underlying and authentic manner.

Essentially, they’re typically videos you regularly post that capture events, either in the “day-in-the-life” style or on specific occasions involving your brand. But, they could also be in the form of blog posts repurposed, which summarize vital information or aspects as a way for viewers to absorb information.

This kind of vlog is 100% in line with the brand for BluMaan because Joe’s specialization is in hair products. This video illustrates how to create enjoyable or educational content and link it to the brand to increase sales.


The final type of content on this list is not the most effective, but it is instructional videos. These kinds of videos can help your viewers become more knowledgeable about a particular topic within your niche or assist them in solving a challenge they face.

Educational videos generally don’t require selling hard. This is a massive benefit since people are twice as likely to share the videos with their acquaintances than any other kind of content. Presenting value (without the typical sales pitch) will also help build trust in your business.

An example of how an educational video is (versus tutorials or explanations) originates via Justine Leconte, a fashion designer who teaches women how to dress stylishly without spending a fortune:

An excellent illustration of what an educational video should look like is from Justine Leconte, a fashion designer who teaches women how to dress stylishly with a limited budget.

The video by Justine has more than 1.2 million views and nearly 2 000 comments. This shows the amount of fun this kind of video can be.

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