What are the requirements of a student visa for Dubai?

If you want to study in the UAE then you need to get a student visa. Studying in the UAE is quite beneficial because there are some world class universities in this region which makes it a popular destination for students. UAE is one of the most stable and secure countries in the world which is why students prefer shifting there for not only study but also for work. Now I know that the UAE student visa needs to be applied for from the embassy. You cannot apply UAE visa online for students. Before applying for the UAE visa for students it is important that you check out United Arab Emirates visa requirements for students.

How to apply for a student visa in the UAE?

You need the student visa to study in the UAE and you cannot just apply UAE visa online and start studying in a university. You need to have a sponsor to get the visa. If you don’t have any contacts or relatives in UAE who can sponsor you then you can get a sponsorship letter from a university. You need to apply in your desired university and get admission in it to get sponsorship. Once you get the sponsorship you need to get a student Emirates Dubai visa.

What are the requirements to get the student visa in UAE?

To get the student visa you need to complete the requirements. If you complete the requirements then you can maybe apply UAE visa online from the site or from a visa agency in your country.

  1. You need to have a valid passport and its digital copies to get the student visa. Once you get the visa you can apply e visa UAE for regular extensions.
  2. You need to provide 12 photographs of yourself that have been taken recently. 
  3. The most important student visa requirement is the admission offer letter. This letter is only issued by a University in the UAE and you cannot apply for a student visa if you don’t have the offer letter.
  4. The next important thing you need to complete is producing bank statements. The bank statements should show that you can cover the funds and fees of the university and your stay in UAE by yourself. This requirement is specifically for a student visas and so you don’t have to worry about it if you are applying for an e-visa to UAE.
  5. You also need to produce a tenancy agreement if you are not living in the hostels of the university. You can apply for UAE visa online for short trips to arrange your accommodation before you join the university.
  6. Copy of the tuition fee receipt for the current year must be provided.
  7. You also need to attach the visa fee receipt copy for the current year.
  8. When applying for postgraduates degrees, applicants need to provide their undergrad degrees even when they apply for a UAE visa online.
  9. When you get the student visa and enter the UAE you would have to go for a medical examination before you join the university.

Here you should know that UAE visa for students is valid for up to five years which is a lot more than UAE e visa validity. 

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