What are the main factors in Magento eCommerce Development?

1.Open-Source Platform:

Magento Development is an open-source platform and you get access to the whole platform without investing a single penny. One can modify the source code to improve the functionalities by making it flexible and customisable.

Developers get a free hand to work on the website. Magento Community Edition is available for free as the basic version and for advanced functionalities go for Magento Enterprise Edition.

2. Vast Community:

Over time, Magneto has built a strong and supportive community. If you are facing any technical issues the Magneto experts are always there to help you. It is a huge community of users, who are ready to help and make it easy for you to understand the Magento platform.

3. Mobile Friendly

The biggest advantage of the Magento platform is that it is mobile-friendly. The websites built on Magento provide the experience of a native mobile application and no matter the size of the device such websites are equally responsive on all types of devices and platforms.

4. Third-Party Integration:

All e-commerce websites require third-party integration for payment, analytics, database management, shipping tracking activities etc. By configuring the website’s backend code, a developer can easily integrate third-party services on Magento without any requirement of any sort of high skills.

5. SEO Enabled:

SEO for e-commerce is like the 5 basic elements for humans. Without SEO it is not possible to attract the targeted audience. However Magento is SEO friendly, it supports rewrites, metadata, tags, URL, positioning layer, URL structures, sitemaps etc.

While Magento 2 is a very powerful platform, if you’re running on its default settings, you’re not going to get great SEO performance out of it. That’s why you need to put yourself in the position to win, and by applying all the best practices for Magento 2, you do just that.

It’s estimated that around 270,000 stores(opens in a new tab) run on Magento world-wide. And according to Magento, they enabled their merchants to earn $155 billion in revenue in 2018(opens in a new tab). It’s safe to say that Magento is a household brand in eCommerce land.

In this article, we’ll explain step-by-step what you need to do in order to get your Magento store into top shape, all set for maximum SEO performance.

All of this ease the process of marketing for the Magento website user and therefore Magento-based websites rank higher and drive huge inbound traffic.

6. Security:

All the customer and business personal data are safe with the Magento platform. The implementation of SSL security, PCI compliance and other security components keep the information confidential.
Sit back and relax, you want to face any backlash from the user end related to the safety of their personal information.

7. High Scalability:

As there are two Magento editions – Magento Community the free version with limited functionalities and Magento Enterprise a paid version with advanced features.

A business can choose as per the requirement. Moreover, a developer/business can anytime scale up the editions as per they want.

8. User Experience:

The user experience provided by the Magento-based e-commerce websites is rich compared to the other websites.

As the Magento-based developed websites are multi-responsive, it easily supports multiple languages, navigation and a smooth buying experience as per the user’s geolocation.

The quick response and resolution to the customer’s query is the primary factor that decides user experience.

9. Easy to Manage

All the websites developed on the Magento platform are quite easy to maintain and the admin panel allows users to control all the aspects of the website too. Moreover, there are numerous in-built tools and technologies available to make insightful decisions.

As it is open-source, a developer can add and subtract any functions that they need for the business. However, expert Magneto developers like RG Infotech can only maximise the usage of such platforms.

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