Top 10 Living Room Trends for 2022

Top 10 Living Room Trends for 2022

2022 is upon us which means plenty of exciting new trends in home design that will define Furniture Lounge Sunderland the year and shape the interior design of the coming years. The beginning of a brand new year is always a thrilling moment for designers and retail stores as we wait for recent trends in the coming year and 2022 will not be a lack of trends.

If your resolution for the new year was to give your home a major revamp or you’re just looking for something fresh to gaze at each day There are plenty of interior design ideas to take inspiration from.

There’s no better place to implement them than the space where that you and your family spend the majority of your time in, the living room.

For your convenience, we’ve put together this list of top living room trends of 2022. This will allow you to improve your living space. Surround yourself with an array of visual appeal, and make your guests feel special.

Furniture that is carved and sculptured

People spend more time in their homes than previously. So they’re now looking for more appealing and distinctive methods to create homes. The sculptural and carved furniture accomplishes both. Makes the space feel more secure and comfortable.

Forms that are sensual and elegant, soft edges and angles, and luxurious, deep seating are expected to be the hottest trend for this year.

Furniture is rounded

Another consequence of the pandemic and those seeking to create a more comfortable home furniture with curvy edges, rounded edges, and a minimum of sharp angles are making an enormous push in 2022.

The straight lines of furniture and the contemporary, strong, and sleek styles are becoming more soft to give more curves and different types which aren’t as harsh.

Furniture and leather

Leather furniture is likely always to be fashionable, however it is expected Furniture Warehouse Sunderland to become more prevalent in 2022. Leather furniture can convey a story through time , and is available in a range of shades. Making it an excellent option for living spaces of almost any style.

Of course, you cannot get it wrong with black, tan mahogany, creme, or saddle brown. What kind of design of furniture made from leather will be the most trendy to you? Modern, but classic chairs, contemporary or angular leather sofas, and traditional chairs.

Traditional details and style

Traditional style will never become outdated as it would not be considered definitive. But in 2022, conventional decor elements are coming back.

This references details such as pattern mixing, skirted , and Flanged furniture. English roll-up sofas, wingback accent chairs, and antique pieces with intricate details and a rich historical background.

Materials like linens, wood, mohair and everything that is a bit like a natural feel are very popular. Given the drastic changes that’ve occurred, it’s not surprising that people are seeking comfort and classic nostalgia in their homes.

Long-lasting and sustainable style

The effects that “buy it and throw it away” consumerism is having on the planet. Consumers are choosing to purchase furniture and accessories made from sustainably-sourced materials made of natural materials that can last for a long time.

The focus on sustainability can also mean that raw materials such as clay, stone, and wood are becoming popular as they can add comfort and light to your living space.

Please take advantage of this design trend by upcycling. Repurposing or looking at where you’re buying furniture for your living space. How it’s constructed, and what materials it’s made of.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design seeks to connect the people living in the space with the natural world by utilizing natural lighting, plants, natural shapes and forms, and ventilation. It is a simple concept the concept of biophilic design is about bringing nature inside.

The focus on regaining an intimate connection to nature is likely affected by the lengths of time that people were at home for the last two years. Mostly secluded from the natural world. Apart from connecting with nature biophilic design is intended to be soothing and comfortable.

Making the Most of Mirrors

Everyone is always trying to find solutions to make their houses appear more spacious and maximise the sunlight they receive.

Mirrors can help with both. Mirrors don’t just create a room’s appearance and feel larger and brighter; they also reflect the sun across the room, making corners appear boring and dull.

The 1970s have made their comeback

Remember the vibrant colors, geometric designs, and mid-century contemporary pieces from the seventies? They’re set to make a comeback in 2022. This means retro hues like mustard, sage and terracotta. Also, the hallmarks of mid-century furniture include:

  • Teak wood tones.
  • Incredibly richly textured fabrics.
  • Peg legs on sofas chairs.
  • Cabinets.

There are lots of shag or fringe rugs, hanging chairs and even rattan furniture.

“Broken-plan” living

“Broken-plan” design style “broken-plan” design style marks an end to the open floorplans that were so popular in the ago. Instead of open-plan areas are zoning spaces. However, resulting from two years of people having been required to commute to dine. Work and relax, go to the gym at home, and so on.

Combining prints, designs and the final

Alongside making spaces more relaxing and functional. Adding more visual appeal to the area. is one of the most popular design trends this year. So that rooms don’t feel dull and empty, but lively and vibrant.


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