The seven types of problem workers and how to deal with them

A company is like a family, we all have to work as a team to achieve. The objectives, often overcoming personal differences that may arise. Finally, each worker has their personality and way of doing things. Many times we find problematic workers who make teamwork difficult. These problem workers often make teamwork. More difficult with their attitudes and often do so . A problematic worker is not always aware of how his actions affect. The company and they even fail to recognize themselves.
For this reason, it is necessary for the company leader to be able to recognize. Problematic workers and know how to treat each one of them, to make the working. Day more bearable and ensure that the objectives are meet.

The types of problem workers

The first task will be to recognize the profile of the problematic worker with whom you are dealing. Ito put in place the plan to deal with him: The one who knows everything. This workplace behavior tends to have excessive self-confidence, which is not bad. The problem comes when he cannot bear to be with people who he considers know less than him. This type of problem worker often has little empathy. And has trouble accepting criticism and correction. With this type of person it is necessary to approach criticism and be very well prepared. It is advisable to take an attitude more of a mentor than a boss. For example, he uses the phrase “Could you help me?”, when you need to assign him a task.

This troublemaker lacks the confidence that the know-it-all does.

He is never sure of his decisions and is a constant victim of fear. He is usually elusive and does not commit to great responsibilities. He is very dangerous within the company. Since he can “spread” fear, doubt and lack of confidence to the rest of the team. To deal with him you can try to solve his questions and use reinforcement messages.

Sometimes you doubt the existence of this troublesome worker

. He doesn’t say anything or bring great things to the team. He does what is necessary and nothing more. He stays quiet even when he watches other co-workers make mistakes. He does not bring his point of view in meetings and tries not to stand out, neither for good things nor for bad things. In the case of this problematic employee. You should ask him questions that force him to expose his point of view. And make him feel that he is in an environment where he will be hear. He gives him time to get comfortable with the group, looks for his input and tries to acknowledge his input.
This type of problem worker always says yes and accepts all the tasks
and criticisms that are present to him, which seems perfect, but in reality… he never fulfills them. He seems like he will always take on big jobs or that he will accept the changes. He has to make in his jobs, but he never delivers. For this type of problematic worker it is necessary to establish an action plan. In writing, and setting medium, short and long term deadlines. You will also need to follow up on this plan to make sure that everything is not words and that it is into action.

The performance of this type of problematic worker in companies is very worrying.

They are easy to spot and very communicative, making them twice as dangerous. They attack, insult, criticize and are never satisfied. They love to seek followers and have partners for their activities. Of destroying the company and the work of their colleagues. You must be very careful with this kind of behavior and how it can “spread” among workers. Faced with this type of problematic worker, you must stand up. Always keeping calm, but implying that you do not let yourself be intimidate by his actions. Do not take away the reason, but do not stay silent in the face of his criticism either. You must confront yourself, but always with respect and a lot of professionalism.

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