Ruby on Rails vs Elixir, What is the difference?

With the evolution of the digital world, we see newer technologies replacing the older ones every day. And this is how our daily operations become swifter and more efficient with the passing time. The same goes for programming languages. When it comes to programming languages, there are hundreds of options available. And this list is exponentially growing with new additions every day. It might be a source of perplexity for some, as it is rather challenging to pick the right programming language for your project. So in this article, we will talk about two very famous programming languages, Ruby on Rails and Elixir programming languages, and their pros and differences.

So if you are confused about picking the perfect language for your project or how to hire an Elixir developer then give this article a read and learn exciting things about these languages.

A Little Background on Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is an established name now. It was created back in 1995, and the sole purpose behind its production was to make development more straightforward and more productive for the developers. Ruby on Rails is preferred by many developers these days mainly because of the ease with which it helps in creating functional and usable web applications.

ROR allows the developers access to various libraries stocked with valuable tools. It changed the programming world in a certain way and set a fantastic example for many languages that hit the market after it.

A Little About Elixir

A fascinating thing about Elixer is that it was created by someone working on ROR. So the inspiration for creating Elixir came from ROR in a way. A core team member of rails appreciated it in many ways but still noticed many ways it lacked. So he took the best elements out of ROR and infused them with many improved ones. It laid the foundation of something that finally evolved into Elixir.

Elixir is one of the most popular programming languages in the world nowadays, and its popularity is increasing exponentially ever science its creation. It is highly preferred by developers worldwide for producing highly scalable and potent applications.

Pros of Elixer

Here are some of the best advantages of Elixir:

  • Speed

Elixir and its framework phoenix have an extraordinary response time. As Elixir’s response time is in microseconds, it is preferred by many developers. A shorter response time helps in providing a better user experience, as it allows speedy response and actions. Also, time is money, so whatever saves your time saves your money in reality. So it won’t be wrong to say that Elixer also helps in providing solutions that are comparatively lighter on your pocket.

  • Reliability

Another unique pro of Elixer is its reliability. It has a super high threshold value of fault tolerance. It makes the whole process of development super bug-free and makes the code highly reliable. If the things or operation fails in production in some way, they can be easily resumed by the supervisor system. It makes the whole development process swift and straightforward. Also, the results are highly reliable and error-free. 

  • Concurrency

Elixir is highly concurrent making it the number one choice for the developer. Concuccerny allows the developers to perform various tasks or operations at the same time without compromising productivity. It also allows you to run multiple operations without them interfering with each other. 

  • Productivity

Elixir’s concurrency feature makes it extremely fast, efficient, and swift in comparison to other languages. It helps in boosting the overall productivity of the project. But performance doesn’t only rely on speed but it also is dependent on other crucial factors. Elixir and its web development framework create apps that show consistency and smoothness even under mega loads without affecting systems memory or performance.

Pros of Ruby on Rails

We have compiled a list of some of the biggest advantages of ROR: 

  • Efficiency

It might take a little while to get hang of ROR, but once you do, you can unlock its true potential. ROR is highly efficient as it gives you access to hundreds of valuable tools that make the daunting processes super straightforward, and improves your coding efficiency. Streamlining and automating these long coding processes helps you save a lot of time. And you can easily invest this spare time in more projects. So ultimately, it can boost your overall performance.

  • Stocked Tool Kit

ROR has a well-stocked library and tool stack. You can find hundreds of tools that can help you make your coding experience much swifter and uncomplicated. Also, various tools can help you in the later stages of your project, like testing and debugging. It not only boosts your productivity but also guarantees a quality end product. 

  • Higher Standards

ROR is known for its low error tolerance. It implies that the application developed using ROR are highly robust and reliable. These web applications guarantee a better user experience. Applications developed by using ROR are supposed to have followed strict protocols, for example, codding by convention, active record pattern, etc.

Final Words

It was all about Elixir and Ruby on Rails, and the best advantages both of these options have to offer. We hope that you can develop a healthy comparison between these two. We also hope that it is easier to pick a suitable language for your project or to hire a ROR developer or an Elixir developer can be simpler for you after knowing all about these languages. 

Both these languages are favored by developers around the globe and used to produce robust and efficient apps. So good luck with choosing the perfect option for your project.

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