Professional Pest Control in Vancouver plus Attic Clean up

Getting rid of rats, squirrels, and raccoons from the attic is a hard nut to crack for an inexpert. Moreover, doing the job yourself has many risks, too. Even if you hire the experts at pest control in Vancouver to remove the aforementioned pests, the job won’t end. You will still need to clean your attic and make sure you have decontaminated your home. Otherwise, you will invite trouble yourself to hurt you and your family. It is important for homeowners to invest in attic clean-up after removing unwanted animals or pests from their homes. Attic clean-up is a necessity for various reasons, and we are going to mention them to you.

Reasons to Clean up an Attic after Pest or Animal Removal 

Here are the reasons to clean up your attic after pest or animal removal:

Structure and Property Damage:

Rodents gnaw on objects which is annoying for homeowners. Plus, their gnawing can leave a dent in the structure of your home. Gnawing on materials, such as drywall, soft concrete, and wooden beams is fun for rodents. In addition, the fair game that rodents play does not end with bite marks. Acidic urine that they may leave can burn through the wood. Moreover, wild animals, such as raccoons, can destroy materials, like roof vents, soffits, and loose shingles. They may destroy the aforementioned material to find a way inside. The damage that unwanted animals and rodents cause can ruin the structural integrity of your property.

Moreover, rats, squirrels, and raccoons use insulation in the attic to build their nests and keep themselves warm. Removing insulation from the wall of your home can compromise its ability to sustain heat. It means you won’t just deal with a replacement but also higher electric bills than usual. 

Yours and Your Family Health:

People do not want unwanted animals or pests in their homes in Vancouver. Further, pests are truly an annoyance for people in residential spaces. Rodents and wildlife leave their droppings and urine on properties they infest. Droppings and urine from pests can contaminate food and water sources on properties. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to get rid of the unsanitary conditions at their properties to prevent their family’s health. 

You and your family can catch contagious diseases due to contaminated food and water. For example, rodent-contaminated food can make you and your family catch Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, and Salmonellosis. In addition, raccoons can infect you with rabies, canine distemper, and roundworm. For the same reason, your job does not end even after pest eradication and animal removal from your attic. Besides pest control in Vancouver, you will also need a thorough clean-up of your attic. It will ensure you and your family are safe from contagious diseases that rodents and unwanted animals can transmit. 

How Do Professionals Conduct Attic Clean up?

Attic clean-up is a long process that covers all bases. However, professionals know the best way to clean up an attic. The main stages in the attic clean-up process include the following:

  1. Removing the critters
  2. Clean-up and decontamination
  3. Following up with the restoration as necessary

In addition, the attic clean-up process entails the removal of debris that pests leave behind. It may include the removal of twigs, nests, materials, urine, and other waste. Professionals have to make sure they clean up every inch of the attic to prevent anything from growing on leftover droppings. Professionals also get rid of odours and pheromones that can attract other pests and animals to a property. Decontamination is vital to remove bacteria from the attic and avert any contagious disease from transmitting to humans and pets. 

Why Is Attic Clean Mandatory?

Attic clean-up is not just mandatory to keep the attic in its original form. It also aids in averting unwanted animals or pests from returning to the attic. Attic clean-up service in this regard includes extra protection to ensure pests do not return to a property again. Besides, getting rid of urine, feces, and nests from the attic deters unwanted animals or pests from returning to it.

Pest control professionals also provide services, such as sealing off holes, filling gaps, and blocking the possible entry points to prevent pests from returning to a property. Commonly, raccoons, squirrels, birds, and rodents may find their way inside via vent tears, siding gaps, and shingles. Nevertheless, professionals can close these to avert pests from returning to a property.


Removing rats, squirrels, and raccoons from a property is not a walkover. Moreover, removing them from the attic with the aid of professionals does not end the job to control pests. In addition to pest control in Vancouver, homeowners need to clean up their attics. Otherwise, they will lead their property to suffer and hold the damage. Plus, it can lead them to catch transmittable diseases, too. Thus, hiring professionals for the attic clean-up after animal removal or pest eradication should also remain a concern.

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