Picture Your MANDALAKI HALO LAMP On Top. Read This And Make It So  

You may have come here after seeing an ad for a sunset projection light on Instagram or TikTok. You can say its name. The picture showed a sleek, modern house with a bright globe of light projected onto the wall, making it hard to miss. It could have been orange and red. It could have been blue and pink. If you’re anything like us, whatever caught your attention was probably really cool.

The mandalaki halo lamp looked great but was a bit pricey, primarily since it was sold by a company you had never heard of. So now you’re doing some research to find out what’s going on and where you can get the best deal.

If that’s the case, you’ve found the right page. If you’re learning about sunset projection lamps now, you’re in for a wild ride. They’re one of the most exciting developments in LED lighting and interior design for 2022.

What’s a Sunset Projection Lamp?

In a word, no, the name is not an attempt to sell something. With a glass lens that holds an LED, these gadgets are a mix of light and a projector in terms of what they are meant to do. Sunset Unlike regular light bulbs, projection lamps shine a narrow beam of light up, which gives the wall a comforting glow.

Even though the idea is new, the technology behind it is not. Most of the time, it just means putting ordinary light fixtures in strange places. These stunning pictures didn’t come from a super-futuristic idea or a complicated process. The colorful filters in these lamps and the fisheye lens work together to create the exciting color changes that make the light so popular.

When did sunset projections become so popular?

This winter, we saw a lot of ads and sponsored posts on social media, which helped spread the word about the sunset projection light, which became a huge hit. But it looks like the Italian design company Mandalaki started this trend with its Halo Edition light collection. Their sunset projection lights can cost up to $1250, but you can buy similar ones for about $30.

Why have prices gone up so drastically? This could be partly caused by the “designer’s tax” that is always added to anything made in a small, specialized design firm. The trade-off is that you probably get a higher-quality product than you would with a cheaper option. The Halo lights were also made so museums and shops could use them. This probably means that the light coming from these lights is brighter and spreads out in a way that looks better. There’s also a chance that the parts will last longer as time goes on.

Do you need to go out and buy a $1,000 light fixture? No. The $20 version on Amazon won’t be as good, but it should be good enough for 99.9% of customers. Especially since this probably won’t be your primary lighting source at home.

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