Is It Possible to Use AirPods on Smart Devices And Laptops?

The speed of technological advancement in the world of electronics has accelerated as time goes on, and as a result, there are now a wide variety of electronic gadgets that make life easier for people. One of the innovations is the AirPods, which are now very well-liked since they are convenient to use, easy to carry, and have amazing battery life. Due to its lightweight design, small size, ease of use, and portability, AirPods have replaced the usage of wired headphones.

Although most people think of Apple AirPods as earphones that only work with Apple products, they can be used with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, including laptops from Lenovo and other brands. So, you don’t have to search “How to Connect Airpods to Lenovo Laptop?” because your answer is here! Apple made AirPods with compatibility to non-Apple devices. The steps listed below will guide you through connecting your AirPods.

  • Press and hold the white button on the back of your AirPods to turn them on.
  • When a white light appears on the front, let go of the button.
  • Next, there are two ways to activate Bluetooth on your laptop.

    First Method

  • Clicking on the notification symbol on the task bar’s right side will bring up the notification menu.

After then, a menu with several choices will appear. To activate your Lenovo laptop’s Bluetooth, select that option.

Second Method:

  • On the keyboard of your Lenovo laptop, press Windows + I to bring up the settings menu. From there, select the devices option.

After entering the device menu, choose the toggle symbol to enable Bluetooth.

Third Method:

Go to the “Add Bluetooth or another device” option in the device’s Windows settings menu to search for AirPods.

Select “Bluetooth” when prompted by a subsequent little box that asks what kind of device you wish to add or search for.

The subsequent step is to begin looking for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Your AirPod will be recognized in a few seconds; after that, click it to connect. When it is connected, hit the “Done” symbol at the bottom.

When you like the AirPods to your Lenovo laptop, a green light will appear on their front.

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Disconnect AirPods From Your Lenovo Laptop

When you’re finished, go back to the Bluetooth & other devices window and choose Remove device next to the AirPods when they’re listed there. This will disconnect your AirPods from your Lenovo laptop.


You can probably see that attaching your AirBuds Pro to your Lenovo laptop is really not that difficult or complicated. If your AirPods are having trouble connecting to your Lenovo laptop, you should take it out of your list of connected devices and then use the technique described above to reconnect. You don’t need to worry about reconnecting your AirPods after you detach them. If you turn on Bluetooth on both of your Lenovo laptop and AirPods, they should instantly connect when you are close to each other.

Apple used BlueTooth 5 in the AirPods Pro. It delivers quick data transfers, longer battery life, and a potential range of up to 800 feet. In use, the AirPods Pro maintained a consistent connection with my OnePlus six smartphone while I was across the office, but they disconnected as soon as I rounded a corner and established a barrier between the earphones and phone.

As you can see, AirPod Reach can typically maintain a connection at distances of up to 40 meters; however actual range can vary depending on factors like the number of walls separating you from the connected device and the Bluetooth version it is running, and other environmental factors. In order to maintain connectivity over a greater distance, Apple built AirPods using H1 processors and Bluetooth v5.

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