How to Get Instagram Likes Without Hashtags?

As Instagram’s popularity grew, users began submitting photos with quotable captions and hashtags such as #fun and #trend. By using hashtags, the right people can find the content, which increases the number of followers.

As beneficial and efficient as hashtags are, boost ig likes imagine putting many of them at the bottom of your postings. Not only does it ruin the look of your account, but it also makes people think your profile is spammy and makes them less likely to follow you.

We cannot allow that, right?

No worries. Even though hashtags are vital for generating likes, there are many more effective and less subtle ways to increase the number of likes and followers. So, will we investigate?

  • Frequently and regularly publish quality content.

Let’s begin with the simplest rule: post frequently. The Instagram algorithm is both complex and reliable. Users who are devoted to it are never disappointed. If the pages want to attract users who want quality content, they need to have original, high-quality content and be updated often.

  •  Share Relevant Content

This is likely the most common piece of online advice. Posting quality content is not synonymous with “quality” content, but rather refers to unique content that has been processed using effective filters and posted with captivating captions.

Before posting, you have likely noticed editing and filtering choices. Employ them.

You can apply warm filters to make your content visually appealing. You can use vignette filters to highlight your background, and many other filters are waiting to be used.

  • Run competitions and giveaways

Popular brands, as you may have noticed, hold seasonal contests and giveaway sessions that offer followers who share tags, and like their content-rich prizes. This is one of the best ways to rapidly expand the number of people that follow your account.

If you own an accessory store, you can provide prizes for the lucky contest winner. you are a makeup professional, you might consider giving a cosmetics palette or cosmetic brand packaging as a gift.

If you do not wish to give away presents, you can offer winners discounts or promotional codes to spend on their next purchase from your company.

  • Engage With Other Websites.

Engagement is one of the key techniques to gain more Instagram followers. So, you will need to interact with other profiles, especially those in your niche, to build a good reputation.

If you have an Instagram page that sells accessories, you should find and follow similar pages. Support other pages and provide positive comments on their postings. This gives you a strong presence, makes your brand more visible and helps you build good relationships with other pages.

  • Tag other friendly pages or individuals in your posts.

Try to interact with your fans as well. Don’t just ignore a comment on your post; show some appreciation by clicking the heart icon or typing out a thank you. This makes it easier for people to interact with your profile and puts your posts higher up in the feeds of people who follow you.

  •  Pay attention to captions

After viewing a post, users automatically examine its caption before liking it.

Therefore, Instagram sites must emphasize caption writing. Even if you’re posting a simple snapshot of the sunset, you should include some text; it doesn’t have to be huge paragraphs; one word is sufficient.

The captions may also be quotes or book excerpts. If you’re having trouble coming up with captions, you might search Google and Pinterest for relevant captions. Additionally, you can add emoticons instead of words if you find it difficult to think of and write captions.


As important as hashtags are to the process of getting Instagram likes, there are thousands of alternative methods that do not require the use of hashtags to acquire likes. We hope you have received some suggestions for getting Instagram likes without the use of hashtags. I wish you a good Instagram blog.

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