Hostbillo- An Ideal Choice for Windows Reseller Hosting


Are you looking for the best and most reliable web hosting provider to start your hosting business?

Then you are at the right place. In this article, you will get to know about Hostbillo hosting company that offers the best server resources with a reseller plan. You can easily manage the services and begin your own server as soon as you sign up for the account. Hostbillo provides WHM access to the server so that you can modify the hosting prices and make a profit margin as per your business strategies. Its aim is to offer the best deal for users’ Windows Reseller Hosting business that can generate good revenue. There are multiple other features also that identify Hostbillo as a top parent host for resellers. The following list contains some features and resources. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Features of Hostbillo’s Best Windows Reseller Hosting

When it comes to starting a hosting business or not a business but buying hosting plans, it is essential to know what features the plan includes. This will helps you to pick the best plan that is suitable for your business. However, Hostbillo provides the best features with its Windows Reseller Hosting services that come at a very low-cost price. These features are very beneficial for your business aspect and will help you to manage the server well. So, now look at the features that you get with the Best Windows Reseller Hosting package.

  1. Every reseller wants to have full control over the server that’s when Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting comes. As it comes with root control over the server so you can customize the server to the maximum.
  2. WHM access is one of the main reasons people look into reseller plans. Therefore, Hostbillo hosting company provides it for free with the service plan.
  3.  People want to sell the hosting services on their own hosting brand however there are companies that do not provide white label services. But here comes Hostbillo which lets you put your hosting brand name on the services and you can sell them legally.
  4. With its Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting plans, you also get a WHMCS license. It auto-generates the invoices of your clients and sent them reminders when their plan ends.

Start your Hosting Business with Cheap Windows Reseller Plans

When you finally decide to pick Windows Reseller Hosting plans for your hosting business. Now it is important to know what these plans include and at what price they come. Therefore, here you find an image attached that defines at what price the company’s hosting plans come and what these packages include. So here look at the fair pricing and packages of Hostbillo’s Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Plans.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting

Why is Hostbillo an Ideal Host to Become a Windows Hosting Reseller?

Hostbillo is a highly recommended and offshoring hosting provider that offers the best deals for hosting services. You can find the premium server resources with its Web Hosting Services that come at reasonable prices. And, if you are a reseller or want to start a hosting business and do not want to spend much then Hostbillo is a perfect choice. Without spending much money on buying the services, you will be able to start your company. With Hostbillo, when you get its hosting plans you become part of its best customer support services. They are the best at helping their clients and customers as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, if you want to start your hosting business then hostbillo is the best and perfect choice for Windows Reseller Hosting Services.

Advantages of Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting Plan

Host Multiple Websites

You get the privilege of hosting multiple websites at just $7.63. As this is the cheapest plan for Hostbillo’s Windows Reseller Hosting. You can add unlimited domains to the server and create multiple control panel accounts for your customers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Maximum bandwidth is essential when you are providing the hosting service. As you connect multiple domains to the server space, so to load the data easily getting unlimited bandwidth is important. Therefore, Hostbillo provides their Windows Hosting Resellers to have unlimited bandwidth with the plan.

MYSQL Database

Reseller Windows Hosting from Hostbillo comes with 100% SSD storage. Therefore, it will be no downfall issues for clients’ websites because of storage. As you will easily upload more data on the server and run the web application.

Malware Scan and Protection

Hostbillo offers preventive security measures against DDoS attacks and malware. Therefore, there is no threat of losing your site data or your client’s. You are ensured that the Web Hosting Services you get are fully protected by the best security measures.


When you think to start a hosting business and want to get huge revenues from it then Hostbillo would be your perfect choice. Through this article, you know what features and advantages it provides with Windows Reseller Hosting plans. Therefore, you can get its best web hosting services with top-class resources and down-to-earth support from the experts. Your investment will not be worthless, you will surely get amazing profits from the business and make it successful.

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