How to put your NFT on another blockchain



These days, digital assets are everywhere: cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, non-fungible tokens NFT Blockchain to mention a few. Their applications are considerably more diverse, ranging from depicting financial instruments to ensuring the legitimacy and ownership of digital intellectual property or physical objects.

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Enterprises that invest in digital assets have a tremendous chance to provide considerable value to their consumers through innovative service and business models. Following the recent webinar with Martha Bennett. VP, and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research: Digital Assets, A New Paradigm For Financial Services. I had the opportunity to ask her a number of critical questions for any firm trying to incorporate digital assets into their organization.


What are digital assets?

In this context, we’re looking at the many sorts of digital assets that are represented on an NFT Blockchain or distributed ledger network, most typically as a token. Tokens are either fungible (may be exchanged for another) or nonfungible (i.e., each is unique). Tokens might be cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, or tokenized. Representations of existing financial products such as stocks and bonds.

Token may also be used to ensure. The authenticity and track ownership of digital artwork. And other types of digital intellectual property. The token can also represent actual assets . As well as business-critical paperwork. Like invoices or bills of shipping.

What is the commercial potential?

Investor demand for new asset classes. As well as for more effective means of promoting share. Ownership and making hitherto illiquid assets more accessible to a broader investor base. Has steadily increased. There is also a significant efficiency and innovation angle. The self-describing and programmable character of tokens allows operations to be performed more quickly and precisely, and it opens the door to new service and business models.
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Given the financial assets at stake, the bare minimum is bank-grade security. Given the nature of the technology involved. E..G., transactions cannot be undone, and the compromise. Or loss of keys has serious effects), security standards for digital assets may go above and beyond.

Varied asset classes have different risk profiles, and organizations must choose their desired risk posture. From a compliance standpoint, it is critical to recognize that the regulatory environment is flexible and vulnerable to quick change.

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IBM is expanding its blockchain footprint and expertise and recently announced a partnership with METACO, a supplier of complete digital asset security infrastructure solutions. METACO is now utilizing the secure computing capabilities of IBM Cloud. And IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services to improve its infrastructure and products for financial services clients.

With enclaves underpinned by FIPS 140-2 Level 4 hardware security modules. IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services on LinuxONE keep apps and private keys secure yet accessible. Run in a vast, trust execution environment with fully encrypted data. At rest and in flight to protect against external attacks.


Supply chain professionals are under pressure to meet and exceed consumer expectations while controlling costs and taking on new business objectives. As a supplier’s client base shifts to API-base transactions. Suppliers are under pressure. To adapt in order to maintain existing income. Often, these providers lack the expertise to meet these API directives themselves and seek solutions. That allows them to fulfill their customers’ requirements without requiring wholesale modifications on their end.

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Sterling Supply Chain Business Network has developed a versatile packaging structure to handle the many aspects involved in creating API and API to EDI hybrid workflows for B2B transactions. The Sterling Supply Chain Business Network support team will analyze your workflow requirements. API possibilities, and necessary services before designing a solution to match your needs.


Customers can now accelerate growth and simplify operations by leveraging their strengths. And the flexibility of the Sterling Supply Chain Business Network. Which is now accessible and coupled with the existing Sterling NFT Blockchain Business Network solution.

This strategy enables you to use your present investment. While also addressing growing needs in a single platform solution. By collaborating with an industry leader in both API. And EDI solutions, you get security. And the peace of mind in the future, regardless of the details of your solution requirements.

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