Advantages of using Passive Voice Quality Analyzers!

Passive voice quality analyzers (PVQA) are a powerful tool for call testing. They help to identify problems in the voice quality of calls and can help to improve the quality of calls. By using a PVQA, you can quickly and accurately identify any potential issues in your call test.

But there are so many individuals around having no clue about the advantages in link with it. If you are also unaware of the possible advantages of considering passive voice analysis QOE PVQA call quality Volte, keep reading till the last. Here in this read, I will highlight all the possible benefits every individual must know. Let’s have a look!”

Advantages of using PVQA:

·         Monitors the call for checking the issues:

Passive voice quality analyzers are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a more accurate and detailed understanding of voice communication than Active voice quality analyzers. This advantage can be put to use in various ways, such as reducing the amount of time needed to troubleshoot issues in an active conversation, or assessing the quality of a call in real-time.

·         Provide a solution for the root cause:

Passive voice quality analyzer is a great solution for the root cause of voice quality issues. By analyzing the audio of calls, a passive voice quality analyzer can provide a clear understanding of what is happening in the call. It can provide how to improve the overall communication experience. With the obtained voice data, a passive voice quality analyzer can help to resolve any issues that may be occurring in the call. It also analyses the voice data, which can help to improve the overall performance of the call.

·         Discover the hidden causes behind call distortion:

There are many call distortions that can occur during conversations. One of the most commonly occur is called ‘call back’. This distortion occurs when a person is talking to someone they have already talked to on the phone, and they are then talking to that person again. Another common distortion is called ‘echo’. Echo occurs when people are talking in separate rooms or within different locations. The Passive voice quality analyzer is a very valuable tool when it comes to call distortion. By using this tool, you can easily understand the errors that have been made in your conversation. And also fix them before they cause any issues.

·         Detect dead air properly:

Passive voice quality analyzer has been found to be an advantage in call because it can detect the presence of dead air, which can often indicate a low level of signal strength. By using a passive voice quality analyzer in a call, you can ensure that your caller is being heard and that the conversation remains constructive.

·         Passive Voice Quality Analyzer is an alternative for P.563 and P.564

Passive Voice Quality Analyzer is an alternative for P.563 and P.564 used in call quality testing. The Passive Voice Quality Analyzer (PVQA) is a software application that uses objective measures to assess the quality of a VoIP call. The PVQA can be used to evaluate the impact of various degradations on the quality of a VoIP call, such as delay, echo, and packet loss.


In conclusion, a passive voice quality analyzer is an advantageous technology for calls. It can help to identify poor or inappropriate language use within a conversation. By using this tool, operators can make better decisions about what to say and how to address potential issues. Well, if you are in need of getting it, reach Sevana Biz and get it now. Here they are offering services at a very reasonable price and one can enjoy top-notch services without any worry!

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