A Synthetic Jacket Isn’t As Durable As a Real Leather Jacket

A girl’s synthetic leather jacket can add a touch of edginess to her look. This type of jacket is often embellished with metallic accents. It is less breathable than faux leather and is more affordable than real leather. However, this material still releases some harmful chemicals. If you’re considering buying a synthetic leather jacket for a girl, be aware that the material’s durability and elasticity are not nearly as good as that of real leather.

Synthetic leather is cheaper to produce than real leather

Besides being more expensive, real leather is made from animals. However, it is still better than fake leather. Not only is it more durable, but it is also easier to clean and is less likely to fade in sunlight. In addition, real leather is more ethically responsible. It is not a good choice for vegans or those who want to avoid animal-based luxury products. In addition, real leather is not widely available in the same styles and colors as fake leather.

It is more durable

While natural leather requires more upkeep, synthetic leather doesn’t. If properly cared for, both types will retain their original visual appeal for a longer time. On the other hand, synthetic leather jackets aren’t as durable as their real counterparts. Unlike natural leather, PU isn’t breathable, and stains can damage it. In addition, they don’t smell as nice as genuine leather, so they can also be more expensive.

It releases harmful chemicals

There are many reasons to avoid buying a synthetic leather jacket. Leather is a raw material and likely contains small amounts of chemicals, which can affect your health. Depending on how the materials are made, they can cause allergic reactions or other health issues. For those who are allergic, the right type of leather jacket can prevent such reactions. However, a leather jacket is not the only way to protect yourself from the chemicals in leather.

It is less breathable than faux leather

The most notable difference between faux leather and synthetic leather is their water repellency. The former is water-resistant and can be hand washed, while the latter can only be machine washed. While both types can be cleaned with a damp cloth, synthetic leather tends to retain more moisture than faux leather. If you want to use a cleaner on synthetic leather, choose a fabric that doesn’t have loose fibers or lint.

It is glossier than real leather

A real leather jacket for women is one of the most durable types of jackets available. Its full grain leather is the best quality, as it will not only last you for a long time but will also increase in value with age. In a world where everything is disposable, a leather jacket can be an excellent investment. However, to maintain the quality of your jacket, keep it away from water, make sure it is properly conditioned, and hang it on a wire hanger.

It is heavier than faux leather

Buying a genuine leather jacket will cost you more money than purchasing a faux leather one. While genuine leather is more durable and looks better, it’s also much less customizable. Another difference between real leather and synthetic leather is the manufacturing process. Real leather jackets are made from the skin of a cow or a sheep. While synthetic leather is not as natural as leather, it is lighter than faux. If you’re concerned about animal welfare, you might want to read up on the process that the leather manufacturer uses to make their products. Some companies may even use bonded leather, which can be considered animal cruelty.

It is more vulnerable to heat damage

Using heat to dry your leather jacket can damage it. Leather is a natural material, but it is more sensitive to heat. When you are wearing a leather jacket, heat will cause the material to crack and dry out. However, heat does not affect synthetic leather as much. If you regularly wash your leather jacket, you can use an appropriate cleaning and conditioning product to preserve the look and feel of your jacket.

It doesn’t biodegrade

You may wonder why you should buy a synthetic leather jacket. Despite the name, these jackets do not biodegrade and will remain in the environment when disposed of. Scientists do not know how long these materials stay in the environment, but the average time is 200 to 500 years. Compared to genuine leather, synthetic material has a significantly higher polluting power. To make your decision easier, consider how biodegradable your jacket is.


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