6 Best Hiking Trails in Thousand Oaks, California

Thousand Oaks is a beautiful Southern California town nestled in the middle of the Conejo Valley. Hiking trails in Thousand Oaks are set against a stunning background of natural beauty and scenery. Below we have written the 6 best hiking trails in Thousand Oaks, California for you to enjoy hiking in the scenic view of the majestic Santa Monica Mountains.

Long Canyon Loop

The Long Canyon Loop, a 2.8-mile path near Simi Valley, is a great hiking trail in Thousand Oaks. It is a circular route that is noted for being one of Thousand Oaks’ most tranquil spots. While trekking this walk, you’ll note that the plains are lush and green and that the surrounding region is home to a variety of bird species.

If you’re taking a leisurely stroll to observe the scenery, the hike should last roughly 90 minutes. The track is easy to climb, however, there is a tiny bit of elevation in the beginning that may be difficult for young children to handle.

Conejo Valley Botanic Garden

The pathway in the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden offers a leisurely trek with some of the nicest vistas in the Conejo Valley. The pathway is a little over a mile long and may be utilized for everything from hiking and strolling to riding and bird viewing. A huge variety of beautiful gardens surround the walk, including a bird sanctuary, on this hiking trail in Thousand Oaks.

The trail takes you around a lovely creek, which adds to the natural beauty of the area. During your journey, you’ll almost certainly see a lot of wildflowers as well as some local fauna. Despite the fact that the trail only gains 150 feet in elevation, this region offers some of the nicest vistas.

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Wildwood Park Lizard Rock Trail

The Lizard Rock Hike in Wildwood Park is a 4.1-mile moderately challenging trail with little under 700 feet of elevation gain. This circle path provides a lot of variation throughout the journey, which is especially obvious with the river and waterfall that you’ll pass through. There are several picnic tables strewn throughout this hiking trail in Thousand Oaks, which provides the majority of the shade. If you’re looking for the trailhead, go west on Avenida de Los Arboles until you get to the confluence of Arboles and Big Sky Dr, where a large parking lot is situated.

China Flat Trail

The China Flat Trail is a pleasant and strenuous hiking trail in Thousand Oaks that offers amazing vistas and is sprinkled with a variety of wildflowers throughout the trek. Because of the trail’s open openness, hikers frequently engage in bird watching during their breaks.

This circle path is slightly over five miles long, with some hilly terrain that may make for a challenging trip. The hike’s most challenging section is just at the start, where the height difference is the most significant. The rest of the trek should be rather straightforward until you reach the trail’s crest.

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Los Robles Trail

The Los Robles Track is a moderately tough five-mile circle trail that may be utilized for running, hiking, and biking. Although the hiking trail in Thousand Oaks is not sheltered, for the most part, there are a few excellent wooded parts that provide both shade and spectacular views.

You’ll be rewarded with magnificent vistas of Thousand Oaks as well as a number of distant mountains after you reach the peak elevation of roughly 1,000 feet. The majority of the terrain adjacent to the trail is made up of lush grass meadows and plains. During your trek, you’ll almost certainly come across a few different varieties of wildflowers that make for fantastic photos.

Paradise Falls

The Conejo Valley’s Paradise Falls route is one of the most scenic and beautiful in the area. This 2.7-mile circular track is somewhat tough, owing more to the diverse terrain rather than the height. The trail’s major attraction is a stunning 70-foot waterfall that you’ll come upon around halfway through your adventure. This hiking trail in Thousand Oaks is at the top of our list of the finest hiking trails in Thousand Oaks because of the gorgeous waterfall.

This spot has crystal clear water and plenty of covers, making it an excellent location to unwind during a hike or have a picnic. You’ll probably see some volcanic rock as well as a variety of flowers just before you reach the waterfall. Take the Avenida de Los Arboles until you reach Big Sky Drive to locate this path.

If you prefer spending time in nature and outdoors, these hiking trails in Thousand Oaks are home to many of Southern California’s best views with spectacular landscapes. So what are you waiting for, visit these amazing trails in Thousand Oaks as soon as you can. And don’t forget to find discount codes on Couponxoo.com that will help you save money for your hiking trips


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