6 Amazing Tips to Enhance your English Vocabulary

The English language is a vast and voluminous language containing original and borrowed words from a vast number of languages. It means that you will never run out of vocabulary words while writing and conversing in English. But, enhancing and learning them is also a task that you should accomplish to become a better English speaker.

Importance of Enhancing your English Vocabulary:

According to GLM, approximately 800 to 1000 neologisms are added to the English Language each year. It means that you should keep on learning and updating your English vocabulary to have a better grip on the language. Enhanced vocabulary will help you in having a better conversation, in having a better understanding of English speakers, and will enhance your confidence in speaking this language. If you are not a native speaker of the English language, you are in dire need of updating your vocabulary. Even if you are a native speaker, learning new words will help you better explain your emotions and point of view. Having advanced knowledge of vocabulary will give you confidence while having conversations and writing. So, enhancing and improving vocabulary is imperative for you to be an advanced speaker of this language.

Tips for Improving English Vocabulary:

Most of us are unable to enhance our vocabulary as we have the notion that the process will take a lot of our time and energy. But, that is not the case. I will tell you some tips and methods through which you can easily enhance your vocabulary without giving much energy and time to this process. So, let’s start with tips.

  1.  Making a list of words:

To improve your vocabulary, you have to do a little activity. Every Sunday, take out your journal and jot down different vocabulary words you have learned during the week. Jotting down and listing them will help you in remembering and revising those words.

So, how do you jot them down?

You can name a list as “Positive Words Starting with V” and in it, you can jot down all the positive V words which you learned related to this category. Just like this, make different lists and keep on updating them each Sunday.

I have been doing this activity for the last three years, and it has helped me a lot in enhancing my vocabulary. You should also give it a try.

  1. Use Dictionaries and Thesaurus:

Dictionaries and thesaurus are treasures of English vocabulary. Whenever and wherever you will get stuck, you can use online dictionaries and thesaurus to help you. The dictionaries contain synonyms and antonyms with detailed definitions and information about root words.

So, if you will search for a word in a dictionary, it will give you a vast number of vocabulary related to that word. In search of learning a new word, you will be able to learn tens of new words with it.

  1. Converse in English:

One of the best ways of enhancing your vocabulary is to converse in English. Try to speak different English phrases and words so that you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses in English. Also, conversing with other people in English will teach you new words and will give you an idea of how to use these words in conversation.

If you are new to the English language and are hesitant to speak the language in public places, you can make a language buddy with whom you will converse in English. This practice will give you confidence and will enhance your language.

  1. Watching different English Programmes:

Listening also enhances your language muscles. English news channels, movies, series, and talk shows use a different type of vocabulary which can enhance your language to a great extent. Listening to music can also upgrade your language.

Some series and movies use slang language, and some programs and news channels use advanced vocabulary. Watching and listening to them will give you different tastes in language, and will drastically increase your English vocabulary.

  1. Develop a Reading Habit:

Reading will enhance your vocabulary as writers use advanced vocabulary. Reading articles, novels, self-help books, and journals will not only give you general knowledge or entertainment but will also teach you different words of vocabulary. It will teach you how to use different words in a context.

Do try to read at least one article, or three to four pages of a book before going to bed. This healthy practice will groom your personality and will enhance your language muscles.

  1. Play Games:

Games are the best way of learning vocabulary as it makes the process easy and enjoyable. Different researches have shown that when adults learn something through games and entertainment, they are more likely to remember it. So language games are for every age group.

You can play different types of words, board, and computer games to learn new words of vocabulary. The games will not only entertain you but will also teach you different words in a minimum amount of time. Whenever you will be free and yearning for some entertainment, you can go for language games.

Hopefully, you find these tips and tricks helpful in enhancing your vocabulary. Every day, spare some moments from your busy schedule to develop your vocabulary, and gradually you will achieve an advanced level in the English language. And don’t forget to post these tips on your social media to share with your friends.

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