3 Types of Custom Hair Systems

If you’re not sure which type of custom hair system is best for your needs, read this article. We’ll cover the three types of hair systems: Clips, Light monofilament, and Full poly perimeter. You’ll also learn how to maintain your new hair system. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to expect. The best option for you will depend on your needs and personal preferences. But before you start a new project, be sure to learn more about the different types of hair systems.


A toupee is an excellent option for a man who would like to look better than ever. The toupee is typically made of silk fabric. Although silk tends to look heavy and unnatural, it can be used to provide the most natural look possible. A PU coating is applied to the delicate silk structure to prolong the longevity of the toupee. A Bono Hair toupee includes French lace in the center, skin gauze in the front, and PU coating on the entire garment. With its expertise in wig design, Bono Hair can provide men with the solutions they need to restore their youthful appearance.

Toupees are also available in long styles. These add instant volume. These are ideal for women who are balding on the top but would not want a heavy full wig. They can be custom made according to a client’s needs and specifications. The toupees are made from different materials, which can be molded to fit a specific person. To up the authenticity of the hairpiece, it is recommended to use a shampoo made for hair systems and blow dry the hair on a cool setting.

Light monofilament

A monofilament custom hair system has a base made of a thin mesh material. This fabric is a type of nylon-like material. Each strand of hair is anchored to a single strand of monofilament. This type of system offers a certain level of breathability because the tiny holes in the fabric allow air to pass through and the hair to remain secure. This type of custom hair system is suitable for women who are considering wearing a synthetic wig for the first time.

Another advantage of this hair system is its undetectable design. It is made from 100% netting and features a seamless hairline. This design also enables the wearer to brush the hair in any direction. The lace front allows the wearer to choose the direction of brushing, and the ne welded monofilament back ensures the quality and accuracy of the unit. This is one of the most comfortable types of custom hair systems on the market.

Full poly perimeter

The Full Poly perimeter is a durable and comfortable hair replacement system with an ultra-thin front edge. It has a monofilament mesh center that is moisture wicking and promotes air circulation. This system has a density of 90%, which makes it impervious to hair loss. In addition, it is lightweight and breathable. It also adds durability to lace units. In addition, you can cut the perimeter to create a custom fit.

Top-only hair systems are usually necessary for those with pattern baldness. These hair systems are only needed on the top of the head, and they are limited to smaller areas. The underside edge is one inch deep and is where you will place adhesive. The poly perimeter is a thin strip of polyurethane that increases durability and simplifies the cleanup process. When you order a Full Poly perimeter custom hair system, you will have your hair piece shipped to you within a few days.


Custom hair systems can be incredibly useful for a variety of reasons. These hair systems are lightweight and easy to apply. Clips allow you to clip the system foundation into your own hair and have it attached for hours at a time. Planet of Hair Cloning sells hair systems with clips that are brown, black, and skin-colored. Some hair systems even have adhesives available. Ultra hold adhesive is one of the most popular options for this application, because it provides a strong bond that is gentle on the skin.

Not all hair systems can be attached with clips, however. While clip-on hair systems are a good choice for a majority of people, they may not be appropriate for everyone. Thin poly skin hair systems made from 0.04 mm thick poly will not attach to clips. These systems must be positioned properly on the scalp and secured with hair to avoid tangling. Clips may tear or damage the base.

Invisible Thinnest Skin

The Invisible Thinnest Skin custom hair replacement system is an excellent choice for those who want a natural-looking hairline. Unlike other hair replacement systems, this system is virtually invisible, and even allows you to brush it in any direction. Because it looks and feels like real skin, it can be brushed forward, backward, left, or right. These systems can be attached easily and are easy to clean.

Made of a translucent poly base, the Invisible Thinnest Skin custom hair systems are practically undetectable. Thanks to its innovative ventilation and graduated hair density, the front hairline of the system is undetectable. This system is designed to be comfortable during all types of activities, from sleeping to swimming. Because the hair system is so thin, it also does not interfere with your daily activities and will be invisible in public.
Hollywood Lace w/Side & Back Poly Hair System w/Bleached Knots

Aside from the aesthetic appearance, Hollywood lace is also very light weight and fully breathable, which makes it ideal for sports activities. Additionally, it has an invisible bleached knot hairline. This hair system is also popular with women who want to change their hairstyles but are unsure whether a lace system is right for them.

One of the most popular hair systems available today is the Hollywood Lace w/Side – Back -Poly hair system. The hair system has the same features as the Full Lace Hair System but offers an improved bonding experience on the back. This hair system also boasts a 12-year customer satisfaction record. By combining ease of bonding, versatility, and a natural look, this hair system offers the perfect undetectable hairline.

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