21 Secrets for Saving Money When Ordering Foods Online

Find out how to save money on everything from produce and meats to meal kits and pantry staples. Ordering groceries and other kitchen necessities online save time, but can it also save money? It turns out that, with a few simple strategies, you can save money when ordering food online. Here are our top 21 tips for saving money when you order online.

  • Get rid of the middleman

Direct-to-consumer product sales are exploding right now, eliminating the upcharges added by a conventional shop where you’d buy them. Look for great products and big savings in the categories of household cleaning supplies, pantry items, and luxury foods.

  • Divide a Dish

Consider splitting your entree with a family member if you’re ordering to-go for your entire family. It automatically cuts the per-person cost in half while also preventing overheating.


If you’re eating alone at home, consider splitting the dish in half before you start eating and saving half for tomorrow’s lunch. Because you only pay the delivery fee once, this is less expensive than placing two separate, smaller orders.

  • Select Cheaper Items

The most evident way to save money on takeout is to order a less expensive item from the menu. For example, most sandwiches at the IHOP near my house in central New Jersey cost around $10, while hot dinners like chicken, steak, or seafood cost between $11 and $15. It’s not a huge difference, but it adds up over time if you order food frequently.

  • Follow the list! Reduce impulse purchases and save money on shopping

The simplest way to save money when shopping on the internet is to make a detailed list of everything you require and stick to it. Online shopping helps you avoid impulsive buying, but the more you navigate and scan, the more difficult it is to resist. Search for the item and brand you want on your platform, add it to your cart, and move on to the next!


  • Checkout Delivery Service Websites

If you intend to order food from a delivery service, first check its website for promotional codes. Because restaurant delivery services are so competitive, they frequently offer discount codes that waive or reduce their fees in order to attract customers. To maximize your savings, rather than being loyal to just one service, use whichever service offers the best promo codes on that particular day.


Sign up for these services’ newsletters to stay up to date on delivery service discounts. They’ll notify you when a special offer becomes available.

  • Use coupon services and credit cards with rewards

Finally, look into payment options such as cash-back credit cards or online coupon programs such as CouponCabin and Honey to get some money back and extra savings on top of the savings you already have.

  • Pick It Up Yourself

The simplest way to avoid delivery fees is to skip the delivery. Instead, get some exercise by walking to the restaurant and picking up your own order. This allows you to avoid both the delivery fee and the tip.

  • Plan your weekly meals based on what’s on sale

When looking for ways to save money on groceries, reading the weekly sales circular can be extremely beneficial.

“If ground beef, bread crumbs, crushed tomatoes, and cheese are on sale that week … Boom! You’ve got spaghetti and meatballs waiting to happen, probably a meatloaf, and most of the items you need to make homemade pizza.”, writes Clark.com contributor Lauren Greutman.

  • Check out your Emails

Do you get envelopes in the mail with coupons for local businesses? If you do, don’t just dismiss it as useless junk mail. They may contain coupons for local restaurants that you can redeem at the checkout of your takeout order.


Local grocery store circulars are another possible source of coupons. Shake them before tossing them in the recycling bin to see if any useful coupons for local restaurants fall out.


If you do not receive coupon-stuffed envelopes from Valpak, you can still search for local deals on their website. To find restaurant and delivery service coupons in your area, go to Valpak.com and enter your ZIP code.

  • Accept imperfection

There are numerous services that sell everything from “ugly” produce to production seconds (for example, see Imperfect Foods!). You save money and help to reduce food waste.


Understand the Sales Cycle and Stock Up When Items Are on Sale:

Remember the regular prices of the ten most commonly purchased items at the online grocery store. This can assist you in identifying sales cycles.


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Kathy W. posted on Facebook “Know what prices are typically and when to spot deals and when to stock up,” he says succinctly.

  • Avoid Tipping Twice

I’m not suggesting that you stiff the delivery person for a tip because they work hard. However, before handing over cash at the door, make sure you haven’t already been charged for a tip. If you can afford it, that’s a wonderful gesture to make, but it’s probably not a good idea if you’re on a tight budget.

  • Examine Unit Prices

When it comes to learning how to save money on groceries, paying attention to unit pricing online is the starting point. 

Here’s a typical supermarket scenario: You’re buying store-brand napkins and have the option of buying a 250-count package or a 500-count package.

Which is the better deal? Most people would assume the larger package because you are purchasing in bulk, correct?

Not so quickly. The unit price of the 500-count package maybe 0.070 per napkin, but the unit price of the 250-count package may be 0.067. In this case, the 250-count package has a lower unit price and provides more bang for your buck. This is common in the paper aisle as well as with condiments.

  • Advantages of new customer offers

Almost every online shopping opportunity will include a discount for your first purchase. Take advantage of this offer by spreading your shopping across multiple sites! If you enjoy cooking from meal kits such as HelloFresh or Blue Apron, choose those deals on your first order and then pause the kits to try a different one. With so many options, you can explore the full range of what is available at drastically reduced prices before deciding which one to keep long-term once you have depleted all of your “new customer” savings.

  • Select a Smaller Portion

Another way to save money is to order a smaller portion. For example, if you’re old enough to order from IHOP’s senior menu, most entrees cost less than $10. Light eaters can also save money by ordering an appetizer instead of the main course.

  • Purchase Store Brands

If you don’t want to change your shopping location, try changing what you put in your shopping cart. It’s one of the simplest methods for saving money on groceries. Without using coupons, buying the store brand can save you up to 30 percent.

  • Look for free delivery

While almost no restaurants always provide free delivery, this perk is sometimes available as a limited-time offer. Furthermore, food delivery apps such as DoorDash and Postmates occasionally collaborate with local restaurants to offer free delivery as a promotional offer, especially on your first order.

  • Participate in a Restaurant Rewards Program

If you have a favorite restaurant — or several — that you frequently order from, see if it has a rewards program on its website or social media account. Signing up for an email list at many restaurants can get you special discounts and freebies, such as free food on your birthday.


Some reward programs, such as the Texas Roadhouse VIP Club, send perks like coupons and gifts directly to your inbox.  Each time you place an order at the restaurant, points are added to your account, and once you’ve accumulated enough, you can redeem them for free appetisers, drinks, and other rewards.

  • When It Makes Sense to Buy in Bulk

Because of the value they provide, online warehouse clubs can be an excellent place to shop. You can also buy certain items at an online stockroom club and keep them for later use.


Honey, dried beans, maple syrup, and rice are just a few examples of products that are so shelf-stable that they never truly expire. So those are no-brainers to stock up on when they go on sale and use as needed.

  • Consider a Subscription Service

If you only use delivery services on occasion, your best bet is to switch around as much as possible to take advantage of the new customer discount at each service in turn. However, if you use these services frequently, you will most likely save more money by signing up for a delivery subscription.The majority of these services offer a one-month free trial period. If you really want to game the system, you could try each of them one at a time, cancel after a month, and receive unlimited free delivery for several months.

  • Use a Reward Credit Card to Pay

Pay for your order with a cash-back credit card to maximize your rewards. These cards typically offer 1% cash back on all purchases, but some offer much higher rates at restaurants.

  • Check Your Receipt

Examine the receipt when you receive a food delivery order. Some restaurants try to entice repeat customers by printing coupons at the bottom of their menus that can be applied to your next order. Check the food bag before throwing it away as well; some restaurants include coupons or discounts with your meal.


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